• Compared to the exotic and potentially ineffective (in California) traditional foreign and domestic asset protection strategies, the PRT® has a California Statute and an abundance of case law in support if its use.
  • The PRT® allows Californians to convert their otherwise non-exempt and exposed personal assets to “EXEMPT” private retirement assets by simply enhancing (using in advance) their California retirement exemption.
  • The PRT® protects retirement assets in both civil lawsuit and bankruptcy venues.
  • The PRT® is “non-qualified” and is not subject to the rule, limitations and restrictions imposed by ERISA qualified plans.
  • The PRTSM has no early distribution penalties (before age 59 ½ ) or required minimum distribution (RMD) penalties (after age 70½).

Exemption Assessment Calculator

Filling out this form will generate a report that shows you the current creditor and asset risk exposures you have, as well as the potential for maximizing protection and retention of current and future assets. Please note it does not reveal the specific tax and creditor planning strategies that may apply to your circumstance which can help capture greater tax savings and lost opportunity costs.